ray bans sunglasses decided to choose clothes, not only to choose a good quality, value, cheap, and select appropriate himself.

A. How to choose the ray bans sunglasses, according to face? Oval face: Recommended with oval mirror. Oval face framework is a standard of comparison, probably choose the most popular and beautiful style, wear any tactics would be marvelous.

Square face: do not advocate an enlarged frame is too small. Square face is not recommended to choose too round, so water chestnut understand ask, but can not choose too square, too square collective your lines. The best choice on large-scale, but the angle a little arc.

Oval face: Recommended with calm color box. Watching the ray bans sunglasses lines can not be too hard, too will face angle line line is also harder and more distant. Recommend dominate some color to weaken the sense of isolation distance, the box shape, you can choose a wider cord.

Pear-shaped face: Recommended with mutations large frame. In addition to more around the box is relatively large, you can retouch the sunken face, the temple has a little wide, down the center of the temple be stopped relatively thin.

3 angular face: Recommended with light-colored frame. Triangular face face look shorter, you can choose a vertical gradient colors. Not recommended to choose the color of the box too. 2. How to choose the color of the ray bans sunglasses?

Yellow lenses: 100% UV filtering. Yellow lenses ray bans sunglasses 100% UV filter, through the lens, infrared and visible commitment of 83%. The biggest ascribed, you can filter the most brilliant blue sun. Artificial scene can be more clearly seen. So wear yellow lenses, ray bans sunglasses while driving, you can more clearly see the passing traffic.

Grey lenses: 98% of the UV filter. Grey Lens ray bans sunglasses sunlight filtering the same amount of real real shade, but also infra-red filter and 98% of UV rays. Wearing a gray lens ray bans sunglasses, the original color of the scene is not tampered with because of the lens, but also the largest glaring limitation. In Malaysia, more gray lenses are experts in the field praise as "the most drafts of cheap ray bans sunglasses."

Green lenses: 99% of the UV filter. Green lenses and gray lenses like, you can filter the infrared light, but also 99 percent of UV filters. But the green lens color will change some scenes, but refused attainments slightly inferior light gray lenses. Green is a natural panic agent, can make people feel comfortable around you become.

Pink Lens: filtering 95% of UV rays. Pink lenses can filter 95% of UV and visible some of the shorter wavelengths of light. Theoretically, this pink and black lens lenses usually do not like, but as usual there is no better-than admire lens. But research creation, 75 percent of women wearing pink lenses, inferiority half later than usual.